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Detached Garages Adding Value to Your Property

A detached garage is more than just a place to store your car. It can structure your property, add curb appeal, and convert it into something else entirely. A detached garage can become a structure that your family will love. It provides an entirely separate space for them, one that won’t get in the way of other parts of your home. Plus, it can be used for many different purposes and give you more freedom to transform the dedicated area into whatever you dream. So, if you are considering adding a detached building, now is the time—you will have ample opportunity for customization and design. Nova Builders, Inc. provides the perfect detached garages in Northern Virginia. Our decades of experience and expertise enable us to provide the right features and services you are looking for.

Why are Detached Garages a Fantastic Option?

We love when outside influences boost the value of your property, and a detached garage can do just that. You’ll protect your car from the weather, provide storage space for items, and add to your home’s overall value. A detached garage would be your best option if you want unique space for other purposes like workspace, storage, or guest house. Adding a detached garage is an exciting and beautiful design choice that is especially effective in smaller homes. Unlike attached garages, which tend to dominate the whole house design, a detached garage has the ability to add balance and uniqueness to the house.

Detached Garages Provide Great Benefits

  • Multi-functional Design Space
  • Flexibility in size and location
  • Adds extra curb appeal
  • Increases property value
  • Reduced risk of break-ins to the home through the garage.

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