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Attached Garages

Building an attached garage is a great way to add living space to your home. Being able to enter or exit a car without going outside has plenty of advantages. When adding a garage, do it to fit your home without being attached to bedrooms or living rooms. There are many types of ways you can add on a garage. You can have it where the existing residence is connected behind the garage from one side or on both sides. The best option is to attach the garage to your kitchen and laundry room/entry hallway.

Benefits of Building an Attached Garage

Additional Space

Adding an attached garage to your existing home is a great way to increase living space and save on costs. The storage possibilities are endless, whether it’s outside items that wouldn’t otherwise get stored somewhere else.


The attached garages protect your car from the rain and freezing cold, which makes getting around in bad weather easy and safe. No more scraping snow off windows or running for cover. The safety features of an attached garage make it easier to stay protected and keep your vehicle safe from theft.

Boost Curb Appeal

Add more functional and usable storage space to your home by building an attached garage. Not only can they add to the home’s overall size, but they can also add value if you ever decide to sell your home.

Attached Garage Sizes

Single Car Garage 14’x20′

Double Car Garage 20’x20′

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